Private Mortgage Insurance

If the remaining balance on your home loan has reached 80% or less of your homes value then you are eligible to ELIMINATE your P.M.I. !!!

The cost of an appraisal can often be recovered in just a few months of not paying this
Private Mortgage Insurance
and you will enjoy the benefits of a
lower mortgage payment
for the remaining life of your loan !!!

Contact us TODAY to discuss your situation !!

Property Assessment

Estimates have shown that as many as 60% of properties are assessed too high meaning that those individuals are paying too much in taxes !!!

These same estimates also show that less than 2% of people dispute these higher assessments.

If you think that your assessment may be too high then


Time is of the essence !!!
Most counties require that you dispute your assessment within 90 days of receiving your tax notice !!

So Don't Hesitate !!!

Get in touch with us TODAY !!

STOP throwing away your hard earned money !!


Mortgage Calculator:
Sales Price: $
Down: %
Interest Rate: %
Term: yrs
Monthly payment: $

Today's Rates:

Mtg Loan    Rate  APR
30-yr Fixed3.63%3.75%
15-yr Fixed2.93%3.08%
1-yr Adj2.37%2.94%
* national averages


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